We like to keep things simple and realistic.

Have you ever wanted to drink more water? Once you remember to drink, I bet you’re good for a few days and then you slowly start going back to your old ways; your tongue is as dry as the Sahara Desert and you’re experiencing that dreaded afternoon splitting headache.

My name is Emily, the founder of Healthish, and I was just like you trying to increase my water intake to feel better day in and out. I tried numerous products in the market but ultimately, I couldn’t find anything. So, I developed a product that was easy enough to follow and encouraged me to drink the water my body desperately needed.

Introducing The Healthish Bottle; a simple yet unique bottle featuring time markings which remind you when to drink during the day. You simply fill it twice a day and voila that’s all the water you need. It’s also durable, chic and the frosted plastic feels soft and luxurious in your hands. Sure, you could write the times on the side of an old milk jug, but trust me, mine works better ;) 95% of buyers surveyed said the bottle increased their water intake. Join the hundreds of thousands of members in the Healthish community as we hydrate together!

  • We are a brand for the people who are not too healthy and not too unhealthy

  • We promote living a lifestyle that’s not too serious and we like to have a bit of fun

  • We believe in being pragmatic and living life with balance