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Glass WB-2 Bottle Bundle

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It's time to treat yourself! Stay hydrated in style with our cute glass water bottle.

You’ll receive a WB-2 Glass Water Bottle + Brush + Ice Cube Tray (set of 2).


WB-2 Bottle:

• BPA free, non toxic borosilicate glass

• Leakproof lid and flexible handle makes it easy to carry

• Time markings to keep you on schedule from AM-PM

• Silicone sleeve for improved grip

• Fits in most cup holders

• Dishwasher safe


• Extra long handle to get into those hard to reach places
• Made of high-quality silicone
• Non-toxic and FDA approved
• Lasts longer than plastic or nylon bristles
• Non-slip and comfortable grip handle
• Dishwasher safe


• Made of high-quality silicone
• BPA free and phthalate-free
• Non-toxic and FDA approved
• Dishwasher safe on top rack
• Two trays are included


WB-2 Bottle:

Height: 26.5cm/10.5inches

Diameter (mouth and bottom): 7.5cm/3inches ; 3.5cm/1.5inches

Capacity: 700ml/25oz


15 inches/38cm


15cm x 11cm x 1.5cm


Postage Fees

Postage is a flat rate fee of €9.* Orders are shipped using DHL with a tracking number provided.

*excluding heavy items (WB-2 Glass Bottle) 

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  • Step 1.

    Fill your bottle to the top.

  • Step 2.

    Drink the recommended amount for that time (i.e. at 8am drink until the 8am mark) until you've finished your bottle.

  • Step 3.

    Refill and repeat step 2 until you've had 3 FULL bottles and voila! You're done!

🖤 700ml

🖤 BPA free, non toxic borosilicate glass

🖤 Leakproof lid and flexible handle makes it easy to carry

🖤 Time markings to keep you on schedule from AM-PM

🖤 Silicone sleeve for improved grip

🖤 Fits in most cup holders

🖤 Dishwasher safe